Home Guard Westmorland shot pig oral history video

Home Guard With Weapons On Canal World War WW2

Oral history Home Guard & WW2 Levens Bridge Westmorland oral history video Home Guard practice at Levens Garth Westmorland and this oral history is of a lad who threw clods of earth to and from the Home Guard. Tank traps against Tiger tanks! Bayonet danger – on the bus. Target practice, oops a pig, ah, […]

Home Guard Westmorland silent video

Home Guard Capture German Parachutist World War WW2

Home Guard Westmorland silent video Silent video from home movie taken during World War 2 in Westmorland (now part of Cumbria). Home Guard practice using local transport to set up an ambush in the fells in Cumbria. Camouflage their car. Cycle patrols and motor cycle communication teams. Night exercise with soft shoes and blackened faces […]

Keswick to Penrith Railway video

Railway Silloth Station

Keswick Railway oral history video In 1944 when this 16 years old applied to work on the Keswick to Penrith railway.  The train was the main delivery service with parcels, mail and even live chickens – what a racket!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR1iMXU8PXw Illustrated oral history of Keswick to Penrith railway Cumberland, now Cumbria Oral history of Penrith to Keswick […]

Farming Rural Photo Gallery

Farming Hay Raking Family

Farming and Rural Life Farming and rural ways of life in Cumbria Modern Farm Farm Equipment At Fair Farm House Farmer Farmer Period Clothes 01 Farmer Period Costume 02 Farming Auction Farming Hay Raking Family Farming Hay Sled Horse Collars Farming Gear Auction Mart Sheep Auction Mart Sheep Being Auctioned 1985 Broughton Moor WW2 Munitions […]

Transport Photo Gallery

Car Damlier Charabanc On Kirkstone Pass

Transport Gallery Transport used in Cumbria, horse and cart, charabanc, locos, trains, cars trucks Car 1910 Car And Hand Cart In Street Outside Breeches Maker 1910s Car And People 1920s Car By Lake 1920 Car Charabanc Outside Tatters Garage Car Damlier Charabanc Car Damlier Charabanc On Kirkstone Pass Car Fells Car Humber Frnt Left Car […]