Workington Steel & Rail from Bessemer’s Convertor

Sir Henry Bessemer A Tribute to the Inventor

Sir Henry Bessemer was a prolific inventor born in 1813.  His genius created machines for production of glass, print, sugar and an eccentric anti rolling device for passenger ships.  In the Crimean war he invented the rifled bore for accurately firing canon shells and improved the steel used for making canon by blasting air through the mould, a process which eventually led to his Bessemer Convertor which produced more steel than the rest of the world.  His Bessemer Convertors used in the West Cumbria town of Workington enabled the integration of iron and steel works and rolling mill which made rail lines that were exported around the world.

Sir Henry Bessemer was a prolific inventor and one of his greatest was the process of removing impurities from iron to convert it to steel. Bessemer Converters were installed at Workington Steel Works in Cumbria.

23:55 minutes

Bessemer steel process

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Created / Uploaded by Peter Nicholson