Soldier describes D Day Arnhem in The Kings Regiment video

Ambleside Oral history group record a WW2 soldier’s life from Kings Regiment Formby to Arnhem Bridge and Eindhoven Bridge.  

For an impression of the action at Arnhem see Operation Market Garden & “A Bridge Too Far”.  To find out more about the Regiment visit Carlisle Castle Army Museum.


Trained with Kings Regiment at Formby then Kent near Biggin Hill, guarding without ammunition.  Volunteered (involuntarily) for D Day.  Suddenly given ammunition, why, put on boats, oh dear shells coming this way – it was D Day + 1 with half the battalion killed, they being reserve, Fontenay more lost, officers targeted because they had ties, so soldiers were given ties!  But NCOs had black boots and officers had brown boots.  They were supposed to be reserve for Arnhem, but too wet so couldn’t get through the mud to Arnhem.  


So went to Remagen Bridge for 3 months guarding it.

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Created / Uploaded by Peter Nicholson

This oral history required illustration but the only movie available when it was originally made for the Millennium Project of Cumbria Archives called “Voices of Cumbria” is of Home Guard in action in Cumberland and Westmorland.  


4mins 28secs.