Alston lady school sausages evacuees parlour

Houses Street Scene 1900 Alston Mkt Plce

Alston lady school sausages evacuees parlour This oral history was recorded for the Voices of Cumbria Millennium Project in 2000 commissioned by Cumbria Archives and was illustrated by Peter Nicholson using various images from various collections in Cumbria, permitted for educational use. Please help this community project by typing a summary of the video so […]

Servant in Service before the World Wars oral history video

Servant in Service Millom

MY LIFE AT HOME AND MY WORK AS A SERVANT A lady explains how life was for her as a child at home.  She explains how she left school at 14 years old in 1933 to work in service (as a servant) in the “big house”.  It was a privilege to record this lady, now […]

Children School Photo Gallery

Children Paddling In River 1904 To 1906

Children School Children at school, at play, in the countryside of Cumbria Ambleside Queens Hotel Street Celebration With Women Children Flowers Children And Band In Cobbled Village Square Alston Children Dancing Children Group Of Shabby 1930 To 1960 Children Hens Children In Fancy Dress For Coronation 1953 Children In River Petteril Carlisle 1890 To 1899 […]