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Dig For Victory - The Vegetable Garden Displayed - THE ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY

The Vegetable Garden Displayed RHS 1942 Page 01 1

1942 From the Minister of Food, The Rt. Hon. Lord Woolton.

“This is a food war. Every extra amount of vegetables in allotments saves shipping.  If we grow more potatoes we need not import so much. Carrots and swedes, which can be stored through the winter help to replace imported food.


We must grow our own. We can no longer import ninety percent as we did before.  The vegetable garden is also our National Medicine Chest – it yeilds a large proportion of the vitamins which protect us against infection.


I therefore welcome this booklet which encourages people to grow more vegetables.


The battle on the Kitchen Front cannot be won without help from lhe Kitchen Garden.”


The Vegetable Garden Displayed RHS 1942 Page 40