Mining and Minerals in Cumbria video

Cumbria’s geology and mineral wealth has attracted mining for centuries and the landscape of the Lake District gives clues to the hard work and ingenuity of the people who sought and fought for the mineral rewards.

Ian Tyler collected a wealth of minerals, tools, photos and experiences about mining in Cumbria and the north of England. He has written many books and until 2012 he created and ran a museum in Keswick that displayed many of those artefacts.

Unfortunately the museum has now closed but on the last day, Peter Nicholson videoed Ian who explained about some of the exhibits and Peter quickly videoed the wall displays and tools before they were sold or removed.

Click here for a video in which Ian explains the bricks that he collected from the mines and quarries of Cumbria and the north of England. These bricks are now in Peter Nicholson’s collection.

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Created / Uploaded by Peter Nicholson