Steel Works rail rolling line in Workington video

Workington produced steel for 125 years culminating in Corus creating annually enough rail to run from Workington to Istanbul along with 400,000 steel sleepers made in the plant.  Daily 1000 tons of steel blooms were delivered from the latest steel works in the North East to Workington to be heated and rolled to the various profile shapes that were required by customers in Europe and Asia.

Workington Steel Works in Cumbria had Bessemer Converters to make high quality steel which eventually was made into steel railway lines.  This video is about the time when Corus owned the plant.  The Bessemer Converters closed but the rolling mills continued until 2000s

Comments from YouTube:

Stuart Henderson
My Great Granda was a foreman on the Workington Bessemer. My Granda also worked at the steelworks
Barrie Gollings
My grandfather was a blast furnace man at the Workington Steelworks I found it very interesting to see where he worked There is a pub now in Workington called the Sir Henry Bessemer
Colin Gantiglew
Well, we’ve gained in efficiency but lost much of the human touch and the community spirit. And then came China and India with their cheap slave labour and their cavalier attitude towards quality . . . and the rest is history. Thanks for an enlightening video.