Mining and Minerals in Cumbria video

Miners Picking At Mine

Mining and Minerals in Cumbria video Cumbria’s geology and mineral wealth has attracted mining for centuries and the landscape of the Lake District gives clues to the hard work and ingenuity of the people who sought and fought for the mineral rewards. Ian Tyler collected a wealth of minerals, tools, photos and experiences about […]

Steam Digger From The Deep video

Steam navvy from the deep boom emerging

Steam Digger working at Threlkeld Quarry Cumbria video Video of steam digger working at Threlkeld Quarry Ray Hooley organised volunteers to recover it from the flooded sand quarry where it had been left to rot.  Apprentices at Ruston works initially renovated it, then it was unused until transported to the Vintage Excavator Trust at Threlkeld […]

Steel Works rail rolling line in Workington video

Steel Works Aerial View

Steel Works rail rolling line in Workington video Workington produced steel for 125 years culminating in Corus creating annually enough rail to run from Workington to Istanbul along with 400,000 steel sleepers made in the plant.  Daily 1000 tons of steel blooms were delivered from the latest steel works in the North East to Workington […]

Sir Henry Bessemer a Tribute for Steel & Rail at Workington Cumbria Video

Bessemer Converter Science Museum

Workington Steel & Rail from Bessemer’s Convertor Sir Henry Bessemer A Tribute to the Inventor Sir Henry Bessemer was a prolific inventor born in 1813.  His genius created machines for production of glass, print, sugar and an eccentric anti rolling device for passenger ships.  In the Crimean war he invented the rifled bore for accurately […]

Steel Making by Bessemer Convertor at Workington Cumbria video

Iron And Steel Works Workington 00

Steel Making by Bessemer Convertor at Workington Cumbria Sir Henry Bessemer created a new process for making steel and his earliest Bessemser Converters were sited at Workington and Millom Cumbria UK. West Cumbria is blessed with coal, iron ore and limestone so iron making became well established at Workington and Millom with ships, locos […]

Mines Quarries Iron Steel Photo Gallery

Miner At Work

Mines Quarries Iron Steel Gallery Extraction of Cumbrian mineral resources, and industry for extraction and processing. Clifton Pit Miner Clogs On Miners 1900 4 P16 Clogs On Miners 1900 MM4 P16 Clogs On Miners 1900 MM4 P16 TEXT Coal Miner Female Sally Madge Devon Miners Migrating To Cumbria TEXT Haematite Mine Logo Hodbarrow Millom Mine […]